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Are You Ready To Pay PG&E More?

We’re nearing the end of 2017 a year where PG&E hit their customers with one of their biggest rate changes, tacked on a high user surcharge and began talks with state regulators to potentially charge rate payers for any costs occurring from disasters caused by their equipment instead of having it come out of their share holders and in 2018 they will increase the rates again and in 2019 they will move to a TOU rate meaning It wont matter how much power you use, the time that you’re using it will be what affects your rates.

There's Never Been a Better Time to Go Solar

Fresno and the surrounding area routinely get hit with hot summer days that force its residents to use the AC nearly all day because of this Fresno residents will be hit the hardest with steep PG&E bills. Many residents have empty homes or nearly empty homes from 8-4 when people are at work or children are at school and their power usage is the lowest. During that time frame is when power will be charged its lowest rate, during the hours of 4-9 when homes begin filling up and usage is the highest you will be charged upwards of 39¢ a kW! Power conservation will no longer be rewarded by PG&E.

We would love to show you a better way to power home and keep the money that your utility company is trying to take in your pocket. There's never been a better time to go Solar you can pay less than what you currently pay PG&E and eventually potentially eliminate your utility bill all together. Let us show you why we have been the best value in solar since 1992. We’ve worked hard on becoming one of the best solar companies in Fresno by putting our customers first.

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