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Solar Energy Storage in Fresno

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Solar can offer your home a number of wonderful benefits, including a reduced carbon footprint, reduced utility bills, and more control over your expenses for decades to come. However, they can only produce energy during the day when the sun shines at its brightest, and what you don’t use is just sent back to the grid where you’ll never see it again. At night, your home goes back to depending on grid energy, and that can add up quickly under the time of use rates that many California utility companies employ. The solution: a home energy storage solution from our solar energy experts!

Solar battery

Solar Battery Storage

Home energy storage systems are essentially giant batteries which collect the unused power from your solar energy system and store it for when you need it. Whether it’s during a power outage that cuts off the electricity throughout your neighborhood or simply the sun setting and your solar panels shutting down, you can count on your home energy storage system to be there to provide you with the energy you need!

The solar energy storage options we offer include:

Wi-Fi Connectivity for Ultimate Efficiency

The sonnenBatterie also utilizes proprietary software with WI-Fi connectivity built in to get an even greater degree of control over your home’s energy system. Using an internet connection, the sonnenBatterie can utilize live weather data and more to control everything from how much energy it stores to what appliances are running in your home (as long as they’re hooked to smart plugs). You’ll enjoy increased security and energy efficiency thanks to one of the most sophisticated energy storage systems on the market today!

Interested in an energy storage solution or solar backup battery? Call Energy Concepts at (559) 377-7080 and talk to our Fresno solar battery storage experts about outfitting your home with a state-of-the-art system.

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