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There are many conflicting messages about solar energy flooding the media today. Radio, television, and online sources will list the major benefits to solar energy one moment and question them the next. Many solar companies have entered the market to take advantage of temporary rebates and tax credits without developing the expertise to deliver long-term solar energy solutions. Unfortunately, many of these companies never develop a viable service department that can support their customers following the installation of a system. Don’t risk becoming a “Solar Orphan” by working with out of area production shop that bases its long term viability on the existence of short term tax credits and expiring rebates.  Energy Concepts is large enough to deliver great service and maintenance, but still small enough to care about every one of our customers.

​​With almost a quarter century in the business, you can trust us to help you understand the benefits of a properly designed, engineered and installed system. We want our customers to be happy with their system, so our staff will work with you to explain the science behind solar power, as well as its many benefits: 

  • Renewable and abundant
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Reduces electrical costs and requires little maintenance
  • State subsidies reduce up-front costs
  • Silent and unobtrusive


​​To learn more about the benefits of solar energy, Fresno, CA residents can contact the knowledgeable staff at Energy Concepts for information or a free quote. 

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If you're considering solar energy, Fresno-based Energy Concepts can provide the knowledge and expertise you need to install a solar power  system. Our unrivaled service staff and in-house design team have served the Central Valley since 1992. In fact, our experience with solar power is so extensive that we will pick up where other companies quit, maintaining your system even if we didn't install it!

Understand How Solar Energy Will Benefit You, Fresno and the Central Valley Community