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Lifetime Plus 1 Warranty

Protecting Your Home’s Solar Energy System!

When you invest in a solar energy system for your home, it’s perfectly reasonable to want some sort of protection to ensure that the system will not only last, but be covered in the event of a small defect or breakdown. At Energy Concepts, we’re proud to offer this kind of protection with our solar panel systems, and we go a step further as well, protecting your home as well! With our Lifetime Plus 1 Warranty we cover not only the components of your solar energy system, but the integrity of your roof that your panels are mounted on!

What’s Covered?

The Lifetime Plus 1 warranty covers all aspects of your solar panel installation. As the name implies, the penetrations are covered for the lifetime that you own your home! If you own your home for another 30 years, you’re covered for all of them!

The Lifetime Plus 1 Warranty covers:

  • Workmanship
  • Installation
  • Roof penetrations

This means that should your roof develop a leak around one of the penetrations that’s necessary for mounting your solar panels onto your roof, we’ll take care of getting the leak fixed at no cost to you! Your roof will stay protected for as long as you have your panels installed.

In addition, should you ever choose to sell your home, your buyer will receive one extra year of coverage automatically! This provides them with the extra peace of mind of knowing that your roof is structurally sound and its integrity is completely intact when they make the decision to purchase your home. The coverage can be extended even further if your buyer provides proof of a roof inspection and certification from a licensed roofing contractor every four years.

The Fine Print

The Lifetime Plus 1 Warranty is separate from all other manufacturer warranties. Your panels, mounting hardware, inverter, and other components are all subject to their own manufacturer warranties for repair or replacement protection, and are not covered by the Lifetime Plus 1 Warranty. Equipment warranties vary by manufacturer. Speak with one of our Fresno solar experts for more details on warranties for equipment.

The Lifetime Plus 1 Warranty will remain in effect for the lifetime of the installation so long as the homeowner provides evidence of a roofing inspection and certification every four years. All inspections and certifications must be performed by a licensed roofing contractor.

This warranty does not increase the expected lifespan of your roof and does not protect the materials beyond their normal wear and tear or manufacturer’s warranty. Should your roof need to be replaced due to lifespan or general wear and tear, this warranty does not cover the cost to replace your roof.

To learn more about our Lifetime Plus 1 Warranty, contact the experts at Energy Concepts by calling (559) 377-7080!


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