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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers from Our Fresno Solar Experts

Do you have questions about going green with solar energy? Keep reading for answers to some of the questions Energy Concepts hear most often from customers about PV panels, clean energy alternatives, and making the transition to a solar power system.

If you have additional questions, or if you would like to discuss your unique situation, contact our Fresno solar company today for a free quote. We are ready to put our decades of experience in quality solar and clean energy products to work for you.

  • How do I see my system monitoring?

    For setting up your Sunpower account for monitoring follow these steps.

    1. Go to

    2. Click create account

    3. Enter your email

    4. Enter the serial number provided by your Technician

    5. Click confirm when you see your address

    6. Choose a password

    For SolarEdge, you will receive an activation email from SolarEdge, which will occasionally be flagged as spam. Follow the set up instructions to create a login. If you have already completed this step, you may login here.

  • The monitoring portal says my system is down. What should I do?

    This is frequently due to a faulty connection of your system to the internet, though it can mean your system is not producing power. First, check the Inverter or the PV Supervisor for any red flags.

    For SolarEdge, there is a small green button on the underside of the inverter. Click once to wake up the screen, and twice more to see your current and accumulative production. If the sun is shining and the current production shows zero, or nearly zero, call us right away to schedule a service call.

    If your monitoring is through SunPower and you suspect there is an issue, please refer to this guide before calling in a service call. Having this information on hand will assist in solving a potential problem more quickly.

  • How do I clean my panels?
    Under most circumstances, solar panels do not require cleaning because seasonal rains are usually adequate. If necessary, you can clean the panels by spraying them with your regular garden hose. We strongly recommend that you only clean panels in the early morning or late evening rather than when the sun is at its peak or when the panels are warm, otherwise they can experience damage due to thermal shock. Please do not use abrasive cleaners or anything that could scratch the surface of the glass. We do not advise accessing the roof for cleaning or inspection.
  • Will my system work during blackouts?
    Since there is a chance that your photovoltaic system could feed electricity into the electric grid, safety requirements prohibit the system from producing electricity during blackouts. The system will restart automatically when power is restored.
  • Will my system work on cloudy days?
    Yes, however, your system will produce less electricity than on clear sunny days, depending on the thickness of the cloud cover. Do not be alarmed by inconsistent day-by-day production.
  • How do I file for the Federal Tax Credit?
    When filing your taxes, simply download the 5695 form for Residential Energy Credit to fill out and include with your filing.


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