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How SunPower® Panels Work

Bringing the Power of the Sun to Fresno

Though the science behind photovoltaics, or solar power, can be complex, solar panels themselves do not have any moving parts and require almost no maintenance beyond cleaning. The DC power from the solar panels travels through an inverter, where it is converted to the AC power that runs your home. This means that all of your appliances will work as normal, and nothing in your home will need to change.

At Energy Concepts, our team of dedicated solar experts in Fresno can help to explain the process and bring you clean, renewable energy to your home or business property. Call us at (559) 377-7080 today for a free quote!

Getting the Most Out of Your Solar Energy System

When you choose our SunPower solar panels, your system will generate electricity from the abundant sunlight available in California. This is a source of energy that is not only clean and renewable, making it a good choice for the environment, but can also lower your electricity bill significantly. These panels are silent and do not create pollution, they simply provide clean and dependable energy from the sun.

For as long as the sun is out, your solar panels will be gathering energy for your home to use. During certain times of day, this may mean that you are creating more energy than you are using. In these cases, the excess power will go to your electrical meter, making it run backward and granting you “credits” with the utility company. Then, at night or on cloudy days when your system is not producing energy, you will draw on those credits.

Incentives & Tax Credits to Help You Go Green for Less

In addition to the benefits of reducing electrical consumption and being environmentally responsible, current federal incentives and solar incentives make a photovoltaic residential or commercial solar energy system a good decision.

Besides earning tax credits and having a five-year accelerated depreciation schedule a commercial grade PV system hedges future electric rate hikes. You may also sell your green power “bragging rights” to generate cash income through “green tag” or Renewable Energy Credit (REC) sales.

No matter what your situation, Energy Concepts has the resources to ensure that your solar project will meet or exceed your operating goals. Call our Fresno solar installation experts today at (559) 377-7080 to schedule a free quote.


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