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Margie O. - 2014 7 KW System ​Fresno, CA

Jason, we want to thank you for helping us with the purchase of the solar system for our home. I knew that solar would be of benefit to our household, but it wasn't until Steve and I met you that the benefits became clear. You answered our questions, and made it easy to understand. The process of putting everything together couldn't have been smoother. I've already told a few friends about you. So expect to get some calls from friends asking for help. from you!

Mike K. - 2008 7 KW System Clovis, CA

My bill for last year totaled $1.68Thats not a mistake, I kept PG&E under two bucks for the entire year.

David D. - 2011 6.5 KW System ​Fresno, CA

My wife felt that solar panels were ugly and didn't want them on our roof. Energy Concepts listened to my needs and found solar panels that blended better to the color of my roof. The installation of the system was quick and smooth. We had people over for our grandsons birthday right after the system was installed and most of them didn't even notice the solar. I'm very happy with Energy Concepts. They still return my calls when I have a question. PG&E had to credit me for electricity last month!!!!

Charles R. - 2011 13 KW System ​Madera, CA

Energy Concepts put solar on my house in 2011 and my system has put out more power than you promised every year. At this rate, my system will pay for itself in about 4 years. Your guys were professional and kept the job site clean & safe. We love our system.

Dale F. - 2010 4 KW System ​Fresno, CA

I love my system. We still enjoy looking at our monitoring system online and seeing how our panels are performing each day. I had you install the system in 2010, and my only regret is not doing it sooner. A special thanks to Jim and Pat, for the great looking installation.

Rodger H. - 2008 6 KW System Madera, CA

No more utility rate increases for me. My average electric bill is only $18 per month now. After 5 years, my system has paid for itself and now I'm making money, saving over $200 per month. You were professional and did the work quickly. The panels look great on our roof, and the wiring and inverter also look great in our garage. We have never had a single problem. If you are considering solar, talk to Jim & Jason.

Alan G. - 2009/2014 4 KW Systems Fresno/Clovis, CA

So nice, we did it twice. We loved our first system so much, we had you move it to our new house in Clovis.